Project Description

When did you start Djing?
Started messing about late 80’s. Bought my first 1200’s in 1989.

What is it about thing the makes it interesting for you?
Hearing tracks together for the first time. Hearing combinations you’ve not heard elsewhere. When two tracks are mixed and fit together as if they were a single track it is a spiritual experience that penetrates to the core of my being.

What makes you decide to play a certain record during one of your sets?
Usually because I like it. If I am ‘in the zone’ the next track pops into my head. I just ‘know’ it needs to be played next.

What’s your opinion on the importance of roots, traditions, respecting traditions and sources?
I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand traditions are very important and mean a lot to people. However, some of the best music has come from bands that ripped up the rule book and went against tradition. One of the joys of music is hearing new young artists going against the grain to produce something fresh and original