Project Description

When did you start Djing?
First started in 1974 but recently picked it up again with the 601 Club five years ago.

What is it about thing the makes it interesting for you?
Putting sets together to cater for the people who you play to. Playing a different set every time, the 601 Club have a gig.

What makes you decide to play a certain record during one of your sets?
Usually because it fits the set I have chosen but there’s something special about a live gig when you play a request for someone and the set goes off in a different direction as you know that the next record fits with the one just requested. And we have a unique no set in concrete plan whenever we play, so guests may be invited up behind the decks or we double or triple deck sets.

What’s your opinion on the importance of roots, traditions, respecting traditions and sources?
As our soul scene is based on the tradition of the 60’s soul we grew up listening to there are certain traditional tunes that people expect. Whilst, on the other hand, there are so many tunes that haven’t been heard for a long time and need playing to an audience that is ever growing to include the new younger generation of young DJ’s on our scene. Coupled with this because of the easy online exchange of information there are many new opportunities to listen to rare and new forms of the music we love.