Project Description


‘Coming to Gumbo FM on Friday 15th January 2021(10pm – 12am), Local, nay Outernational Leg-end Mr Adrian Flanagan @thereal_acidklaus will be bringing a new flavour to the station on his monthly Friday late Radio show OUTERNATIONAL YORKSHIRE.

Adrian for the past 20 years has been touring the world and been making records with everyone from Phil Oakey to Yoko Ono via his work with Eccentronic Research Council (with Maxine Peake), The Moonlandingz, International Teachers of Pop, Kings Have Long Arms and new project Adult Entertainment – and has been collecting all kinds of weird and wayward records whilst on his travels.

Each show Adrian will pull in a Guest HOST from the OLD EU ( “I wanna keep shit fresh!!”) – On his first show he brings with him a mysterious man known simply as DIMITRI (@dimitri_why_dont ) , a man who in some bedrooms of EUROPA is known as both a great lover, a writer of poetry, a singer of post coitial songs and a failed nightclub owner…He also likes all things Outernational…and Yorkshire.

For those of you who can’t leave the house, expect a sonic journey across the world taking in Psychedelia, JunkshoP Glam, Tropicalia, Middle eastern Funk, Soundtracks, Bollywood/Lollywood Disco, Anatolian Rock, French YEYE, Dub,

Greek prog, Tropical futurism, Afrobeat, early electronic music, rock & roll, Kraut, Reggae, space disco, B-boy Electro, outsider pop, weird cover versions, acid house, along with new fresh music from local artists and beyond…Non of which you will need a blue passport for, just undo yer trousers, pull up that bong and prepare to travel, things are about to get OUTERNATIONAL!!!!’ “