Project Description

When did you start Djing?
Can’t remember, it’s so far back in the mists of time. Must have about 30 years experience between us and if that’s not actually true, it feels as if we have.

What is it about thing the makes it interesting for you?
Hearing music you love played loud. Watching people react to the music your playing. Getting to meet other people who love music and widen your knowledge.

What makes you decide to play a certain record during one of your sets?
Might be in response to the people listening, if they’re dancing or not. Might be because one record follows another perfectly. Might be because they’res a thematic link between records. Might be because it’s long and I need to go to the toilet. Might be because I’m bored with what I’m playing and need to change it up.

What’s your opinion on the importance of roots, traditions, respecting traditions and sources?
I think musicians need recognition for what they do or have done. Although we don’t get on the mic when we’re playing to explain stuff, we like to give people the opportunity to hear the original of a tune, so they can hear where the version the know comes from. We like to play the original tunes from Hip Hop breaks. We also like to play tunes so the audience can hear the journeys of different genre, R&B, soul to ska, to reggae, jazz to funk etc etc. Depends what you mean by traditions, sometimes, traditions need breaking, sometimes you need to approach these things with a bit of mischief.